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Be-Happy chair for Spoinq


Japan Design Net

B Happy

Especially for the Dutch furniture brand SPOINQ boo designed this playful chair. The chair has a metal frame and wooden shell. The chair is available in various versions :

Oak veneer


Padded with 3D foam

Padded with smooth foam





be-happy spoinq

B Happy

B Happy

Design Fusion Kortrijk



During the Design Fair in Kortrijk in 2012 I was asked to communicate the conclusion of our Design Fusion group discussion, about the collaboration between science and design.



The Biosphere S is a tribute to the inventor of the "geodesic" dome; my hero and visionary Buckminster Fuller. In 1967 he built a dome, constructed with triangles and hexagonal shapes as the United States pavilion for the world expo: the Biosphere.
Our Biosphere S is a lot smaller, meant to grow seeds or store your bought potted herbs. With the ventilation valve in de shape of the XALA logo you can open or close the Biosphere S. The Biosphere S is available in White, Yellow, Green and Blue.
Soon also available in Black




introducing boo+friends

We've added a webshop, boo+friends, to our website. We are selling our own designs and designs by some of our friends. We will be adding new and all kind of other interior products on a regular basis.

Go and check out boo+friends now.

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Be Leaf

New LED light by Boo for IdFrm

Starting point for the Be-Leaf was to make an indirect lighting fixture for IdFrm using their own LED module.
Indirect lighting creates a nice atmosphere. Because there isn't always a white ceiling at hand we decided to create a ceiling in our fixture. The result is this playful lamp which comes in several different colours and with various cords.



Orb wall

After the successful launch, our new lighting fixture Orb* is now for sale. For sales and information contact:



The Orb* comes in three sizes, several colours and applications.
S: 22W, ø 44 cm, h 11 cm
M: 40W, ø 56 cm, h 11,5 cm
L: 60W, ø 69 cm, h 12,5 cm

light source: TL5 Circular.

30 Orb* lamps are already installed in the tower of the Culturalis theater in the Hague.

Orb in de toren van het Culturslis theater in Den Haag

Orb in de toren van het Culturslis theater in Den Haag


Schiecentrale model apartments 

Schiehavenkade model appartement

Schiehavenkade model appartement




Article by Taji


Boo's rotterdam guide

Boo was asked by Ehren Seeland of Ava Living to be a guide to Rotterdam. The idea was to have a resource list for people that would be visitring Rotterdam. But then from my personal point of view. Busy as I am I created the concept but had my daughter Sammie do the writing. So now here it is:

boo's rotterdam guide>

Sammie en Ben Oostrum

Sammie & Ben Oostrum

Paint it black

Hoppy black


Our Hoppy is now also available in black.







Don't you just hate it when you never seem to have candles of the right size at hand when you need them? That problem is over now, for the Erect1 holds candles from 19 mm up to 24 mm and always straight up. No more bungling with matches, knives or whatever it takes to make your candle fit and get them straight. No! Just simply press the candle into the candleholder Erect1 and the cutting edges will cut right through the candle creating a solid fixture.

extra info>


Jeverkruik Low-Res

design: mno


Low Res Jenever bottle

When Ben Oostrum was asked by the European Ceramic Work Centre to come up with some new ideas on Dutch souvenirs, he decided to work together on this project with his design partner at that time Jan Melis as MNO.
They realized that most of the things they brought home from abroad were things that were not actually souvenirs, such as food and drinks. If they were to visit the Netherlands as a tourist, they would probably take home a bottle of Jenever: Dutch Gin sold in a traditional stone bottle. Ben made a model for a ceramic Jenever bottle, and worked on it with a rapid prototype milling machine to discover that the machine, with a certain setting, began to create patterns on its own. He let the machine do its work and so the relief on the traditional stone bottle was created. Oostrum: ‘The combination of the old-fashioned, authentic stone Jenever bottle and modern high-tech machinery is what makes this design stand out.’

Ben Oostrum (1960) studied sculpture at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. As a designer, it is this background that distinguishes him from other designers. Oostrum: ‘My approach is different. Most designers start from a package of requirements, and I use form and shape as a point of departure.’ But to Oostrum, design is not the only thing that is important. Design and function must be in balance. ‘I hate things like a beautiful chair that is uncomfortable, as well as an ugly chair that is comfortable.’

More about the Low-res >


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